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Washing Machine & Washer Dryer Buying Guide

How do you live without a washing machine? Simply put, you can’t. So, choosing the right one is no small task. Thankfully, our handy buying guide will help you choose between freestanding or integrated, and help you pick out which features or wash programmes you’re after.

Choose your fit

Did you know? Washing machines and washer dryers are all  standard heights and widths, the only measurement that varies is the depth with the size of the drum.

Do you want your washing machine or washer dryer front and centre, or do you want it neatly hidden away? Choosing the right fit will make sure it complements your kitchen or utility room perfectly.


A freestanding washing machine sits on its own, stacked or under the counter. You can place a freestanding machine anywhere there’s a connection, which means they’re great if you move house as you can just disconnect and go.

ӯƱע freestanding


Integrated washing machines hide under your kitchen counters behind a cabinet door. They’re a great choice if you like that modern, clean look, or if you only want to see the washing machine when you have to do the laundry.

ӯƱע integrated

Washer Dryer

Washer dryers are a washing machine and a tumble dryer all in one, and you can get them either freestanding or integrated. They’re the perfect space saving choice, ideal for that studio apartment.

ӯƱע washer dryer

Choose your drum size

Washing machines are a standard height and width. It’s only the depth that changes depending on size of the drum.

Drum Size Infographic

Key Features

Washing machine energy rating

Energy rating

A washing machine’s energy rating will tell you how energy efficient the model is. A more efficient appliance means you’ll save more money on your energy bills. A+++ washing machines are the most efficient on the market. Look out for models with an A rating or above for less power consumption.

Washing machine spin speed

Spin speed

Spin speed refers to how many times your washing machine’s drum spins per minute. A faster spin speed will remove more water from your clothes, meaning they’ll dry quicker. You should only use a fast spin speed for synthetics and cottons, wool and delicates will need more special care.

Washing machine quick wash

Quick wash

The perfect setting for when you need to do a spot of last-minute laundry. Quick wash programmes typically tend to be 30 minutes; however, some models can wash a load in as little as 15 minutes. It’s good to know that these functions should only be used for small loads or slightly dirty items.

Washing machine quiet motor

Quiet motors

Washing machines can be loud, couple that with an open planned kitchen and that movie night might not be so fun. So, you’ll want to look out for a model with a quiet mark, they have special brushless motors that hardly make a peep. Check them out here.

Washing machine fuzzy logic

Fuzzy logic

Fuzzy logic uses clever sensors to automatically work out the weight of the wash load. With this info it will then adjust the settings used for the best, most efficient and time saving results.

Washing machine autodosing


Take the guess work out of laundry with Autodosing technology. It works out just the right amount of detergent based on your wash load and then automatically releases at the perfect time. This means you’ll use less detergent and get the best results.

Washing machine easy iron steam


Some washing machines use the power of steam to take care of your clothes. The hot temperatures from the steam gets rid of bacteria and freshens up your clothes. Plus, it helps stop creases, so you’ll have less ironing to do after.

Washing machine smart


Laundry from the sofa? Yeah, you heard that right. Washing machines with smart features will let you hook up your appliance to your smartphone or tablet via your WiFi and an easy to use app. This means you can check progress, adjust settings and start a wash programme all from the palm of your hand.

How to measure

Washing Machine & Washer Dryer Measurement Guide

How to properly measure for your new machine

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Installation & Delivery


We'll take care of the DIY and install your new product for you

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We offer delivery 7 days a week, including weekends, on all items

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Features We Love

From auto-dosing washing machines to models that use steam to clean your clothes, here are some of features we love.

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