Repainting Old Concrete Floors: Six Things To Check

Painting a new concrete floor can be hard enough,  there is all the normal things to check like the following… Has the floor dried out fully. Has the floor being power floated. Have any sealers being used to seal the floor. […]

image of Red garage floor

Adhesion How to test paint.

  Adhesion how to test your Paint. Make sure your paint has cured! Allow a least seven days for the paint to dry at 20 degrees centigrade to have full adhesion. Get a sharp knife and scrape a table onto the […]

paint problems

Helpful Guide About Paint Problems

 Here is a list of popular paint problems CRATERS OR SILICONE   Small circular, crater-like openings that appear during or shortly after the spray application also known as fish eyes. Caused by contamination in the airline between the compressor and the […]

Poor Paint Finishes Orange Peel

levelling, that resembles the skin of an orange   Cause Too high viscosity of application. (paint to thick) Incorrect adjustment of the spray gun, excessive flow rate of the paint and low atomization pressure. Solvents evaporating too quickly. Base layers insufficiently […]

How to prevent problems when painting concrete floors

 How to prevent problems when painting concrete floors Here is a typical picture of a floor where the paint has being lifting and peeling away. This is not what you want to see after you spent so much time and money […]

Floor Paint Things To Check

  Quick guide to painting Concrete floors   You will need to check the following Before Application of Paint. Concrete must be at least four weeks old and totally dry. The surface to be painted must be free of oils, greases, […]

image of Red garage floor